Development Commission

The Development Commission exists to facilitate the fundraising activities of the Student Government Association, and its constituent entities, for the purpose of ensuring the ultimate financial independence of the Student Government Association from reliance on student fees.


Diversity Commission

The Diversity Commission exists to creatively address the issues surrounding diversity by rebuilding the norm. The Diversity Commission shall facilitate communication, generate awareness, and emphasize the importance of the issues throughout the entire Texas A&M University campus. Through the ideals of the Aggie Family, Code of Honor, and the Core Values the commission shall strive to provide a cohesive and welcoming environment for campus interaction among the variety of students at Texas A&M University.

The Diversity Commission shall also faithfully execute any diversity policy or initiative called for by the statues or the Student Body President.


Election Commission

The Election Commission exists to organize and oversee all Student Government Association elections in a manner consistent with the Aggie Code of Honor.


Legislative Relations Commission

The Legislative Relations Commission exists to lobby state and federal governments on behalf of the Student Government Association. The Legislative Relations Commission shall be responsible for achieving the legislative goals of the Student Government Association.

The Legislative Relations Commission shall faithfully execute any policy or initiative called for by Statute or Senate resolution, and the Legislative Relations Commission shall only lobby for policies called for through Statute or Senate resolution.